Start Dropping Jaws & Earn up to R433/hr + Tips!

Recruiting women and men throughout South Africa for light cleaning and housework, hostessing and entertaining.
Be part of an exclusive service, working in a safe and comfortable atmosphere.

Complete the application form below (don’t worry – it’s short!), and upload at least one recent photo of yourself.

Photo(s) should include your face and body. If you wish to offer topless or nude services, the photos should include these aspects. Photos are used for hiring purposes only, and are never sold or used in any other manner. Your rights and privacy are strictly reserved.



Application Form

What's Expected?

Female or Male, 18+, any race, any body type.
No previous experience necessary. Training and guidelines are provided.

Reliable transportation and basic knowledge of casino games are an advantage.

Ideal candidates are reliable, organised, punctual, professional, courteous, outgoing, friendly, sociable and able to perform light cleaning and housework, hostessing and entertaining.

Potential Earnings

Shifts are short, flexible and lucrative.

Tips in cash belong 100% to the maid, hostess or butler.

The price paid by the customer is split – 66.6% to the maid/hostess/butler, and 33.3% to Stripped Clean (after payment processing fees).  Maids,Hostesses and Butlers receive:


Choose hours conveniently around your normal commitments, as many or as little hours as you wish.

Offer cleaning and/or entertaining services, in one or all three ‘uniforms’ – sexy maid uniform, topless, nude.

Legal Stuff... the boring bit

All maids must agree to the Terms, and prove that he or she is over the age of 18 by uploading a copy of their passport/driving license and a utility bill (phone bill, credit card or bank statement etc).

This information is securely encrypted and deleted if the application is unsuccessful or terminated by the applicant (privacy policy).

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'Uniform(s)' to Offer *

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Your Dress Size (female only)

Your Bust and Cup Size (female only)

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Additional Info

I am 18+, entitled to work in South Africa, and I accept the Terms *


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